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Reading List (21/6)

Hello all! Welcome summer! Solstice today! I know I am a day late with this post but I was in school and then traveling yesterday, (only getting home after midnight!) so I didn’t get a chance to put this up. I hope you have been doing some sun worshiping this last week. I certainly have. I was lucky enough to be in Cornwall for the weekend, in-between visiting two different schools, so I actually got into the Atlantic. (Swimming is too strong a word but I did wallow a while). It was glorious. On Saturday we are heading back down to St Ives, for a week-long holiday. So reading, relaxing, possibly more bracing dips in the Atlantic, hopefully some yoga. There may not be a post next week, due to this but we shall see!

This made me laugh out loud. As a recent convert to commute-knitting, I have encountered some of this. But the therapeutic effects of knitting far outweigh other people’s idiocy.

Roxane Gay on navigating life as a fat person. Lindy West on the Goop wellness conference. I love what she writes about wellness being depoliticised and why that is hugely problematic.

Fruit trees are not only about gardening and education, they are also part of a culture and heritage of Los Angeles.

We should consider how we address people who live in food poverty, and why they are entitled to more than just basic nutrition.

A perfect day of eating with Sami Tamini.

Growing up with Roald Dahl.

Culinary arts therapy.

New blog find.

I found Gifts from the Sea in a random bookshop on Saturday. It is a wonderful quick read about life and living. Great if you want to do some quiet meditating on how to live well. I am also reading Swell: A Waterbiography which I LOVE. It is all about the pioneering women who advocated swimming in public spaces, and promoted women swimming more generally. I love the voice of the writer, and how she draws your attention to all the ludicrous things our female swimming ancestors had to go through to get in the water. Great inspiration!

I may make these lemon bars to take on our road trip.

Fighting for food justice in NYC.

Have a good week everyone! x

Reading List (13/6)

I am on route to Cornwall today, for work purposes. I am going to be there for a whole week, visiting two different schools. Hopefully it will be sunny!

How cooking can help with healing.

Can a marriage survive if you have strong and differing views on food?

The complexities of social media, and who owns a recipe.

Noel Fielding is one of the new Bake-Off hosts. (This for you, Jo B).

These images of tears are just extraordinary.

A mesmerising video of flowers.

Retreats for writing.

A shop made entirely from felt! This is SOOOOO COOOOLLLLL! (Thanks Princess for sending it my way.)

On becoming a feminist.

A parent questions Tesco’s food education programme.

Finding time to write. And related, how we can learn about taking better notes.

‘The Trump 10‘.

You are not the work you do‘.

Have a good week! x

Reading List (6/6)

Hello June! And happy birthday Sammy! I love this month of the year. Long days. Warm weather. Mostly sunny skies. Bring on the sea and a holiday (14 more working days)!

But first, the Shetland Pony Grand National. Guys. This is a thing. And it may be the BEST THING EVER. As someone who, in their youth, was a seasoned Shetland pony rider, all I can say is cousins, we missed out! Imagine doing this with Penny or Tuppence! My gawd. Thanks Princess for bringing this to my attention. Made my week.

Brave Tart’s advice on making a layer cake.

Civil Eats has some guidance on how you can keep being a food activist in the age of Trump.

The best gelato maker you’ve never heard of, and harsh truth about being older in the kitchen.

Noma Mexico is over but people haven’t stopped writing about it yet. Even on why they didn’t go to review it.

Small acts of ‘boring self-care‘. Love this.

Why cookbooks are so important.

An interesting article on living with less technology and more with nature.

A piece that made me think – on food addiction.

This book is on my wish list. Samin is on various episodes of Cooked, which you can watch on Netflix, if you haven’t already. I like the way the book is organised, and I love the illustrations.

An academic version of would you rather…

Essential books on the future of food.

All these things: a, b, c, from the Kitchen that is Smitten.

Did knitters partake in espionage?

I do love William Kentridge and I think this new project, focusing on the ‘less good idea’ is simply genius.

This week I’d like to make these peach desserts (I love love love a poached peach in the summer) and this cherry tart. I  love the way both these women write about food – the stories that accompany these recipes are just lovely.

Have a good week! x