Reading List (30/1)

sourdough cinnamon rolls

Supporting small food publications.

Riots to get to the discounted Nutella. As you do. And a commentary on the event.

Movies directed by women you should watch. Food in movies.

Having a writing plan. On words.

Chefs moving away from tasting menus.

Six women and their relationships with food.

The prevalence of junk food brands when nostalgic and homesick.

On tomato sauce.

Tartine’s croissants.

Growing a polyculture of grains.

But to the Questioners of Harvard my lifework has been a “creative activity,” a hobby, something you do to fill up spare time. Perhaps if they knew I’d made a living out of it they’d move it to a more respectable category, but I rather doubt it“. Ursula Le Guin on spare time. I have been contemplating the place of writing as a creative art recently.

The importance of interaction with nature for healing.


This week I finished Swing Time by Zadie Smith. It took me a while to get into the novel but before I knew it, I couldn’t put it down. Every evening I sank onto our couch, iPad in hand, absorbed in the story of two girls growing up on an estate in north London.

Have a good week! x

52 weeks of sourdough wk18

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