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Mexican Breakfast

On my last morning in New York I had all these plans to see another museum, go up to Zabar’s and hunt for bagels on the Upper West Side. In the end I did none of those things, preferring to simply wander around the village and then the Lower East Side. It was lovely and because I was out early, fairly quiet. My first port of call was breakfast and I stumbled upon a small cafe in the West Village which I thought was called Cafe Chelsea but upon reviewing my receipts I find is called Cafe Consola so I’m not really sure anymore. I was walking past and a customer eating on the street had some fairly good looking breakfast so I decided to go in.

The iced coffee was excellent. It was too hot that week to drink coffee in any form other than iced. I ordered the Huevos con Chorizo which was scrambled eggs with chorizo, onion and tomato. It was served with a corn tortilla and a side of black beans. The black beans reminded me of samp and beans I used to have as a child. It was that kind of fortifying breakfast that gets you up and about and the kind of cafe I wish I had at the end of my street so I could go there every Sunday. (Note to self: find such a cafe.)

Essex St Market

On my last day in New York I wandered over to the Lower East Side to visit the Tenement Museum. They were really busy so I had an hour and a half to kill before my tour of ‘Irish Immigrants’ began. The kind people in the museum provided me with a self-guided walking tour to help keep me amused. I didn’t get very far though because the first stop takes you to the Essex Street Market and I then happily wandered around looking at all the different produce on display.

There is a large variety of cuisines and foods on offer here – traditional Greek pastries, very American flavours of peanut butter, French breads, whoopie pies and loads of vegetables that I’d never seen in a shop before including dandelion, cactus pear, sour oranges and aloe. It was fascinating. 

The cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter looks fascinating!


On my Friday night in New York I participated in a dine-around. I selected an amount I was willing to spend on dinner and then got grouped with other people from the conference to eat at a particular restaurant. In my case it was Crispo, an Italian restaurant in the Chelsea district. We basically ate their entire menu. They brought out an array of dishes for each course (except the pasta which was individual) and we then sampled and shared all the different plates amongst ourselves. My personal highlight was the pasta course – corn filled ravioli with pancetta and brussel sprout leaves. It was creamy and starchy with a salt kick from the pancetta. Other highlights included the pork belly main and pistachio ice cream.

Corn Ravioli
Beignets with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Momofuku Milk Bar

Maybe there are places that you absolutely have to go to when you are in a particular city. For me, this place was Momofuku Milk Bar. How could I not? The hype surrounding the cafe/dessert bar is legendary as is the Cereal Milk. 

I sought it out on East 13th Street late one evening. There was a queue out the door and a crowd of fans taking pictures and talking about their options. It was very difficult to choose – someone recommended the blueberry miso soft serve – but I went with the classic Cereal Milk milkshake, compost cookie and crack pie. I might not be back in the East Village for a while so excess is fully warranted I feel.


Personally, I loved the milkshake best. It was an extremely cold version of the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl and it reminded me of school mornings. The crack pie was like eating pure sugar and I’m not sure it’s really the thing for me. The compost cookie was a revelation – that mix of sweet and salty and utter ridiculousness. I’m going to have to get hold of a copy of the book so I can try the recipe at home…