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Reading List (23/1)

Benedict bars

A school approaching learning in a different way.

A truly amazing figure skating routine. (You need to scroll down to see the whole video clip).

Fiona the hippo!

Over the weekend I finished Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I couldn’t to stop listening, could not put it down. (I’ve made excellent progress on my latest scarf as a result.) It is a tragic book, about everything unsaid between families. It is also about the silence women endure – the silence of not saying what they want, or being unable to do what they want because of societal expectations. I seem to be on a roll of books with this theme at the moment.

Cake for breakfast anyone?

A new report out on hunger and poverty in the UK.

It occurs to me that the seeds have contrived all of this to bring us together.An article on the importance of art in more scientific spaces, of what art can do in helping people understand seeds and agriculture.

The instagram village.

How making can help improve moods during these dark dark January days.

Last week I finished The Watchmaker of Filigree Street which is yet another book I have loved already this year. I listened to this also (I’ve had a bunch of Audible credits to use up) and I loved the soothing, slow narrative of the book. That makes it sound boring but it totally isn’t! It is one of those books that will give you a warm, happy feeling on the inside.

Grace Dent’s first restaurant review in The Guardian is a joy.

Have a good week! x

Reading List (7/11)

2017-11-01 16.41.50

I loved this story about female friendship.

Cauliflower, fried. Cauliflower cheese. (I made this on Sunday evening and holy moly is it good. Also, all the cheese.)

Plants, as unintentional immigrants. This is such a cool project!

Thoughts about creating a working-life wholeness, rather than aiming for work-life balance.

Reflections on an allotment site lost to redevelopment.

For Louisa: Casa Vicens is open again to the public. (Let’s plan another trip to Barcelona to visit please!)

Saving seeds.

Some words on how to understand and adopt the myriad of food advice we are given.

A list of Paris’s best chocolates. Like you needed any more persuasion on a trip to Paris. Personally, I think if you are going to Jacques Genin you should really try his caramels, which might change your life.

This weekend I have been listening to (and absolutely loving) The Muse. I’m not quite done so no spoilers please. I love the time periods, I love the characters, I love the mystery. Read this if you need to be transported to another time. I can practically feel the Andalucian sun on my skin when the book heads to 1935/6 Sierra Nevada countryside.

Salted chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies you bang in your oven halfway through, resulting in a ringed, flatter appearance.

Pumpkin cake. Marbled pumpkin cake.

Molly Wisenberg on the butterscotch blondies from The Violet Bakery Book.

Food&Wine podcast talking to Ina Garten.

Have a good week! x

Reading List (28/2)

Last day in February! Anyone else freaking out?


A seriously innovative and dare I say it, cool way to present a PhD thesis.

Pistachio cream doughnuts. Like, I’ve always thought doughnuts too much of a faff to make at home (and when I’m in need of a fix I get some from Small Food Bakery instead) but for these I might change my mind.

Myths of academia and life post-PhD. A PhD who works in a chocolate factory.

Cities and green space.

I need to plan another trip to Paris. Soon.

Animal album covers.

Food and Brexit.

On bread and wheat.

I discovered Elly Griffiths by accident – through a bookshop newsletter. I then found her in my library’s audio app and listened to The Ghost Fields over the weekend. It was great, all windswept Norfolk beaches, archaeological mysteries and dysfunctional detectives. What’s not to love? I’ve already downloaded another that I’m listening to on the train in the morning.

Have a good week! x